Laser Operator Service

Have your own laser projection equipment? Hire an experienced JD3 laserist to operate during your event. Controller and professional laser show control software included.

Live-Controlled Laser Beam Show

Our laserist will temporarily install and operate the equipment of your choosing. No club is too small or festival too big with an inventory that ranges from 3 watt to 30 watt lasers. Our extensive background in music and dance gives us the ability predict changes during a song so that the audience is always wowed and our clients are always satisfied.

Laser Graphic Design

Provide your graphic or logo and a JD3 laserist will optimize and render it as a laser projectable graphic. This graphic can be projected onto any surface you desire, like the side of a building in a high traffic area, or a sculpture such as the We <3 Houston sign.

Pre-Programmed/Time Code Shows

Provide your music in .WAV format and a JD3 laserist will produce a specially choreographed laser show to add an immersive element to your show. Every note of a song can have a laser effect tied to it for perfect timing. These pre-programmed laser shows can also be triggered via time code for the ultimate control over your show.

Maintenance and Optimization

Do your lasers look dull or have color halos from poor alignment? Our technicians will clean optics, inspect the internal components for damages, align mirrors and dichroic filters, and correct the color balance on your lasers.

Lasers, Accessories, and Software

Need laser equipment? We have you covered! We are a dealer for Pangolin Laser Systems, Able Laser Technologies, Kvant Lasers, and Club Lasers. Contact us for more info.